Friday’s 10 Happy Things No. 6

  1. Colouring books – It’s such a great way of relaxing, especially while watching mindless television.
  2. Food: Peter’s Kettle Corn (the best kettle corn ever!), watermelon juice, and iced chai tea lattes.
  3. Red nail polish.
  4. Music: Years & Years, Ducktails & Lana del Rey’s new single High By The Beach.
  5. Cold showers on a hot day.
  6. The feeling of relief when you take off your sneakers after a long day working in retail.
  7. Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer. I am so excited for this show to come back.
  8. Sunday Movie Night planned with my nephew and niece. Cheap pizza and a crappy film.
  9. Being able to put my hair in a messy bun.
  10. Finally being able to get a copy of Frankie Magazine in the U.S. Even if it is a month behind.

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